Embolization for Cerebral Ateriovenous Malformation (AVM)

Embolization AVM Surgery Overview (what is Embolization AVM Surgery)

Embolization An arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is basically an abnormal tangle of blood vessels inside the brain. Some of these AVMs are found with no specific symptoms and have minimal amount of risk to one's health or life, while others could cause some devastating and serious kind of effects when they bleed. The treatment options could range from conservative watching to aggressive surgery, which will depend upon the symptoms, type and location of the AVM. The treatment option of Embolization AVM Surgery is among the recent options to treat AVM surgery. It is infrequently employed to cure the AVMs, however, the neurosurgeons often use it to reduce the bleeding during the time of surgery.

Embolization AVM Surgery Procedure

Once the patient is admitted for the Embolization AVM Surgery, you are supposed to be taken from the same day admit or the pre-admission area towards the Neuroangiography suite wherein the said surgical procedure is carried out. Before the surgery, the nurses will simply shave both or one of the groins, while the procedure is carried out under the local or general anesthesia and at times under the light sedation. Then you will find very tiny catheter threading up over the blood vessel over your groin putting it all the way over the AVM. This is very much similar procedure to any cerebral angiography except that by adding up to dye, which is being injected would show the AVM, while these smaller catheters are put at the right position in order to block the AVM. The procedure length is not usually predictable, while the waiting family members are not supposed to be frightened since the case could take a longer duration than expected. If the surgeons do not feel confident about safely embolizing the AVM then the procedure of embolization is not continued.


Just a single AVM are supposed to be embolized for a number of times before getting the satisfactory results or until you see not any further embolization. In case, if the patients need more than one embolization, the procedures are generally carried out in different stages as spread over months or weeks.

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Embolization AVM Surgery Recovery

As during the surgery, the patients remain under general anesthesia, hence there are chances of experiencing the pain. For any such pain, the patients need to inform the doctor to fix the same immediately especially when the pain is severe. After the surgery, the patients are shifted to Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit wherein they will be kept under close observation. Your doctor would instruct you to remain flat and still in the bed for around eight hours. The rest of the time will allow the recovery of groin artery. If everything goes well, the patients will be discharged home the next day. A majority of patients are treated by embolization who in turn would return for a follow-up angiogram or MRA (magnetic resonance angiogram), which is generally carried out several months after the surgery. This will also reflect if any of the AVM remains and if any additional embolization is really required. Generally the patients would need 4 to 6 weeks to resume their daily life.

Why Embolization AVM Surgery is necessary?

The Embolization AVM Surgery is among the advance treatment option to prevent bleeding owing to AVM. In brain surgeries, there is often a risk of witnessing bleeding. Allowing the same can cause certain permanent disability and even death. However, with options like Embolization AVM Surgery in India, the doctors get the advantage of decreasing the size of AVM to make it suitable for radiation treatment. So, they can easily control the blood flow via the AVM before the surgical procedure, which makes the tasks of AVM removal simple. The other benefits the doctors get is these can be early repeated and staged and lastly the patients have smaller hospital stays without allowing any open surgery for the brain injury treatment.

Is Embolization AVM Surgery Reviews: Is it Effective?

Embolization AVM surgery is highly effective way to control bleeding, especially in case of an emergency situation. The worldwide success rate is reported as 85% for this surgery. This method is used for treating the tumors and other vascular malfunctions that cannot be surgically removed or involve greater risks if surgery is performed.

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Patient Testimonial – Ms. Ifeoma Igboeche from Nigeria sharing her experience of embolization for cerebral ateriovenous malformation done in India

embolization for cerebral ateriovenous malformation experience
Ms. Ifeoma Igboeche from Nigeria

The professionals of spine and neuro surgery group are truly the best doctors one can get to treat brain related ailments. They have so much experience of handling the causes with tumors, injuries and infections that appear in the human brain that one start feeling confident about coming out alive from the treatments like embolization for cerebral ateriovenous malformation. They talk to everybody with so much of warmth and friendly attitude. They make every patient and their family members feel really comfortable. You can ask them about even the smallest doubts regarding the ailment without any hesitation and they will be there to answer.

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Embolization AVM Surgery Cost comparisions

Embolization AVM surgery costs in India is very much lower than that offered by the US. The overseas patients seeking for a low cost and safe surgical option can visit India to undergo the embolization AVM surgery. India has medically advanced neuro-surgery hospitals that offers advanced healthcare services at affordable cost.

Why to choose India for your Embolization AVM Surgery?

Choosing India is a very good option for patients looking to undergo the embolization AVM surgery at less priced budget. India offers high quality medical treatment and surgery to treat the tumors and vascular malfunctions. The growing medical tourism in India assits the international patients for low cost and comfortable surgical treatments in India. India offers reliable medical procedures that adhere to the same international quality available elsewhere. Indian doctors are highly trained professionals and are experienced in successfully treating the international patients. The availability of the expert surgeons, highly advanced treatment facilities at lower rates make India an ideal destination to undergo embolization AVM surgery.

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