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Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery India Reviews: Read the facts!
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Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery Overview (what is Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery)

Craniotomy brain tumor surgery removes a portion of the skull, which allows the neurosurgeons to find the tumor and remove it as much as possible. The piece of the skull removed during this surgery is replaced following the procedure.

Sequential tumor

Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery Procedure:

Before surgery: What to Expect?

Before the procedure, the physician will perform the physical examination to ensure that the patient is in good health before the surgery. The physical examination will also include the blood tests and other diagnostic tests. The patient will be given pre-operative neurological examination and will be asked to fast for eight hours before the procedure. If you smoke, the doctor will ask you to stop smoking as soon before the surgery so as to improve the chances of successful recovery.

The patient will receive sedation before the procedure that will help you relax. The area surrounding the surgical site will be shaved. Considering your medical condition, your doctor may request other specific preparation.


During Surgery

The craniotomy brain tumor surgery procedure may vary depending upon the patient’s condition. The patient will be asked to remove any clothing or jewelry that may interfere with the procedure and an intravenous (IV) line will be inserted in your hand or arm. A urinary catheter will be inserted to drain your urine. You’ll be positioned on the operating table in such a manner that offers the best access to the side of the brain to be operated on. The anesthesiologist will continuously monitor your blood pressure, heart beat, breathing, and blood oxygen level during this surgery. The skin over the surgical site will be cleansed using an antiseptic solution. The doctor will make an incision from behind the hairline in front of your ear and nape of your neck or in other location depending upon the location of the tumor. The scalp is pulled up and clipped to control the bleeding. This will provide access to the brain, then the doctor will use a medical drill to make burr holes in the skull.

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A special saw may be used to carefully cut the bone and then the bone flap will be removed and saved. The dura that is the thick outer covering of the brain will be separated from the bone and carefully cut open to expose the brain. Excess fluid be drained and microsurgical instruments will be used to get a better view of the brain structure so that doctors can distinguish between abnormal and healthy tissues. Once the surgery is completed, then the surgeon will suture (sew) the layers of the tissue. The bone flap will be reattached using the plates, wires or sutures. If a tumor or infection is found in the bone then the flap will not be replaced. The skin incision will be closed and a sterile bandage will be applied over the incision.

Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery Recovery

The recovery time after undergoing the craniotomy brain tumor surgery depends upon a number of factors. This includes:

  • The part of the brain where the tumor was located.
  • The areas of the brain affected by the surgery.
  • The patient’s age and their overall health.

You will be required to stay in hospital for three to seven days after the craniotomy brain tumor surgery. You may be taken to the rehabilitation unit for several days after your hospital stay. Before you are discharged from the hospital, the arrangement for a follow-up visit with your doctor will be prepared. The doctor will also give you instructions for the home care.

It is important to keep the incision dry and clean. The doctor will give you specific bathing instructions. You should refrain from wearing a wig until the incision is completely healed (about three to four weeks after surgery). Your doctor will prescribe some pain medications to relieve the soreness. You should continue with the breathing exercises to prevent lung infection and also advised to avoid exposure to tobacco, smoke and other environmental pollution. You can gradually increase your physical activity as it may take several weeks to return to your previous level of strength and energy. You should avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent strain on your surgical incision. Do not drive unless your doctor gives you permission.

Why Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery is necessary?

Craniotomy brain tumor surgery is necessary:

  • To diagnose the type of brain tumor
  • Remove the whole tumor or remove the tumor as much as possible (the procedure is called as debulking) to slow its growth and improve the symptoms.
  • Insert the chemotherapy wafers into the tumor.
  • Put a tube or shunt to drain the fluid from the brain and relieve the pressure.
  • It will cure some brain tumors (but this will depend upon the type of tumors, location and grade of the tumors)

Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery Reviews: Is it Effective?

Craniotomy is safe and effective and hence it is one of the most common procedures to treat the brain tumors. This procedure is used to remove all or some of the brain tumor. A shunt may be placed to relieve the pressure and the symptoms caused by the brain tumor.

Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery Cost comparisons

Craniotomy brain tumor surgery cost in India is quite affordable to the pockets of the overseas patients who are looking to get treatment for the brain tumor. This surgery will cost you about $50,000-$150,000 or more in the developed countries like the US and UK. On the other hand, it will cost only about $9,000 if you prefer having this brain tumor surgery in India.

Why to choose India for your Craniotomy Brain Tumor Surgery?

Choosing India to undergo the craniotomy brain tumor surgery will greatly improve the quality of life and cost you lesser than the same quality treatment offered in other parts of the world. The hospitals in India offering best craniotomy brain tumor surgery are well equipped with the advanced technology and creates miracles in the lives of the international patients. India has more than 15 neurosurgery research center and it is regarded as the best spots for rehabilitation of patients. It is suggested to talk with your medical team regarding the procedure, preparation for the surgery and the recovery care following the surgery.

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Hi, I am Harry from the UK. My craniotomy surgery for brain tumour was a big success in India. I thank the high end hospital, skilled doctors and compassionate nursing team for keeping my good care and giving the best treatment. I really owe to this hospital and doctors for giving me another life.
Jane Carol

My Name is Jane Carol, I am from UK. I was bogged down by my ailment inside my brain, which required a brain surgery. I went to India for this and then got treated the best by the doctors there. I thank for the great and competitive service and recommend India for any treatment.

Hi, this is Smith from California, US. I recently had my surgery for brain tumour in India. I am deeply impressed by their professionalism and compassion. The cost effective surgery with the same quality we get in the US, really made to applaud the Indian doctors and hospitals catering such healthcare services. I highly recommend them!

Hi, I am Stephanie from Lagos, Nigeria. I was there to India recently to perform my brain tumour surgery. I am pleased with the positive result, thanks to the best hospital I was admitted and pool of good doctors and nursing staff that helped me to get rid of the tumour. I highly recommend this place to others.

Hi, this is Laurence from Ontario, Canada. I got a new life with the brain tumour surgery –Craniotomy. I am hale and hearty; my doctors in India really helped me walk free from the brain tumour. I am indebted to this gesture with such a high quality service at very much affordable cost. I really owe to these people for my recovery.
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