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Lumbar Canal Stenosis Overview:

The lumbar canal stenosis indicate the narrowing of the spinal canal or the tunnels through which the nerves and other structures communicate with the canal. Usually, this medical condition occurs due to age-related changes which may decrease the size of the canal or due to the movement of one of the vertebrae out of alignment. The lumbar canal stenosis or the narrowing of the side canals that protect the nerves could cause pinching of the nerve root of the spinal chord. As the diameter of the canal becomes narrow, it will increase the irritation of the nerves.

Lumbar Canal Stenosis Risk Factors:

The lumbar canal stenosis risk factors include the following :

Causes & Diagnosis of Lumbar Canal Stenosis:

Causes :

Arthritis, accidents, falls, wear and tear on bones of the spine and joints can cause the lumbar canal stenosis. The lumbar spinal canal is a space present inside the lower spine that carries the nerves to your legs. The growth of the bones and tissue around the canal over the course of many years also cause narrowing of this canal. The lumbar spinal canal narrowing will squeeze the nerves that go through it. This squeezing may cause back pain, weakness and leg pain.

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Diagnosis :

Consult our doctor can probably tell you if you have lumbar canal stenosis by asking you about your symptoms. The diagnosis of lumbar canal stenosis is based on clinical exam and a thorough medical history. In some cases, doctor may order special tests like imaging and EMG tests and X-rays of the spine to confirm a diagnosis.

Symptoms & Treatments Lumbar Canal Stenosis:

Symptoms :

Best Surgeons Lumbar Canal Stenosis IndiaThe symptoms of lumbar canal stenosis include leg pain, back pain, numbness or weakness in the legs, hips, groin, buttocks and lower back pain. Some people suffering from this condition have reported experiencing cramps in the legs. Often these symptoms worsen when standing or walking and may get better while sitting, lying down or slightly leaning forward.

Usually, the symptoms get better as you sit or lie in the fetal position, i.e. with your knees tucked up to your chest. This position will open the lumbar canal and take the pressure of the nerves that go to the legs.

In severe cases, the lumbar canal stenosis can cause partial or complete bladder or bowel incontinence.

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Treatments for Lumbar canal stenosis:

The treatment will depend on how bad your symptoms of lumbar canal stenosis are. If you have mild pain and duration of the pain hasn’t been for too long then you can try a physical therapy program or follow an exercise routine. This will strengthen your back muscles and also help improving your posture. Your doctor may prescribe you certain medications that will help to reduce the spine inflammation (swelling and soreness).

If you are suffering from more severe symptoms, then you should immediately fix an appointment a spine surgeon. Your surgeon will perform the spine operation which will help to take the pressure off the nerves in your lower spine. The surgery works well for most patient suffering from lumbar canal stenosis.

There are two different types of treatments for treating lumbar canal stenosis :

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