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Aneurysm Clipping India Reviews: What You Should Know!
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Aneurysm Clipping Overview

The aneurysm clipping is a surgical procedure that is performed to treat a balloon-like bulge of an artery wall known as an aneurysm which becomes weaker and thinner with growth. This may lead to rupture or leakages and release blood into the spaces surrounding the brain, also called as a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH).

Aneurysm Clipping Procedure:

The neurosurgeon will place a tiny clip across the neck of the aneurysm in order to stop or prevent an aneurysm from bleeding. The goal of the aneurysm clipping is to isolate an aneurysm from the normal circulation without blocking any of the surrounding small perforating arteries. The patient will be under general anesthesia during this procedure. The doctor will first create an opening in the skull, this is known as a craniotomy. Then the brain is gently retracted to locate the aneurysm. The surgeon will place a small clip across the base, or the neck of the aneurysm in order to block the entrance of the normal blood flow.

artery anerysm

The small clip works as a tiny coil-spring clothespin such that the blades of the clip is tightly closed until pressure is applied to open the blades. Usually, the clips used in this procedure are made of titanium and it remains in the artery permanently.

Most patients spend about two-three days in the hospital before they are allowed to go home. The patients are advised to follow light restricted activities for one to two months post surgery.

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Aneurysm Clipping Recovery

Aneurysm patients are likely to suffer either short-term or long-term deficits due to rupture or the treatment. Some of these deficits may disappear with healing and therapy over a period of time. The recovery process may take several months, years to understand the deficits that you acquired to regain the function.

Nowadays, most of the aneurysm clips are made of titanium and hence they are not detected by the security gates. However, it is significant to know if your clips are compatible with MRI before undergoing a magnetic resonance imaging scan. It is necessary to check the clip lot number with its manufacturer, you can obtain it from the operative notes at the hospital where you underwent this surgery.

Why Aneurysm Clipping is necessary?

Not all aneurysms require treatment, you should discuss with your physician about the need for aneurysm clipping to treat this condition. The neurosurgeon will perform the aneurysm clipping to prevent the blood flow from entering the aneurysm. The chance of death is about 30 to 40 percent in case an aneurysm bleeds while the probability of moderate to severe brain damage is about 20 to 30 percent even after treatment. It is therefore necessary to treat the aneurysm quickly with aneurysm clipping and prevent another bleed from the already ruptured aneurysm.

Other problems like infection, difficulty in breathing that requires a mechanical ventilator and hydrocephalus may occur due to this condition. Further the lung and heart problems may result due to the occurrence of extensive brain damage that affects the normal functioning of the body. Aneurysm clipping offers a better long-term protection from bleeding and has an added advantage in the life expectancy.

Aneurysm Clipping Reviews: Is it Effective?

Aneurysm clipping is effective for treating this medical condition. For the majority of patients who underwent aneurysm clipping, the surgery will permanently fix the aneurysm.

The doctor will discuss about several factors before deciding the best treatment for you. The factors to determine the best treatment include your age, the size of the aneurysm and your general health. Often the doctors will recommend surgery in case of large aneurysm or one that causes pain or other symptoms or if you had a previous ruptured aneurysm.

Aneurysm Clipping Cost comparisons

The aneurysm clipping cost in India is quite reasonable as compared to the cost of the clipping offered by the US and other developed countries. The aneurysm clipping will cost you only $25, 250 while the same quality treatment will cost you nearly $100,211 in the US.

Why to choose India for your Aneurysm Clipping?

Aneurysm clipping in India is the most common surgical treatment for the brain aneurysms due to its effective and excellent results. India offers well-researched and effective clipping procedure for treating your medical condition. Aneurysm clipping provides long-term protection from bleeding and therefore it has an added advantage for life expectancy. India has seen a boom in medical tourism industry for the past few years. The availability of the world class facilities, best surgeons in the world ensure to provide quality treatments for patients seeking medical care in India.

If you are really seeking for the Aneurysm Clipping surgery in India, kindly fill up the form for a free consultation with our surgeons. You will be provided with thorough analysis and suggestions regarding Aneurysm Clipping surgery in India you are seeking for.


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