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Who is a Neuro Surgeon?
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Neuro Surgeon Overview

Neuro Surgeon

A Neuro Surgeon is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the disorders related to the central and the peripheral nervous system, including trauma, congenital abnormalities, tumors, infections of the brain or the spine, vascular disorders, stroke or the degenerative diseases of the spine. The education and training to become a neurosurgeon is quite rigorous and extensive. Often the academics include the completion of the following:

  • Four years of pre-medical education at a college or a university.
  • Four years of medical schooling resulting in an MD or a DO degree.
  • One year internship in general surgery.
  • Five to seven years in a neurosurgery residency program.
  • Some neuro surgeons complete a fellowship after residency in order to specialize in a particular area.
  • Continuing education, including the conferences, annual meetings, scientific journals and research to keep up with the advances made in the complex field of neuro surgery.

The most common conditions managed by the neurosurgeons include intracranial aneurysms, brain tumors, head injuries and a broad spectrum of disorders affecting the spine like the herniated discs, head injuries, tumors, spinal deformities and fractures.

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Neuro Injury - Symptoms & Treatments

The signs of neuro injury vary depending upon the type of disorders and the specific area of the body that is affected. Some patients experience emotional symptoms while some of you may show physical symptoms. There are numerous symptoms of neuro injury and usually they fall into four major categories:

  • Cognitive

    Difficulty in expressing thoughts, decreased alertness, impaired decision making abilities, difficulty in processing information, confusion and memory problems.
  • Physical

    Frequent headaches, extreme physical and mental fatigue, tremors, sensitivity to light, seizures, slurred speech, sleep disorders and loss of consciousness.
  • Perceptual

    Unexplained pain, spatial disorientation, change in vision, hearing, sense or touch, disorders of smell and taste and balance issues.
  • Behavioral/Emotional

    Heightened emotions and reactions, sudden outbursts, mood swings, irritability and impatience, increased aggressiveness, sluggishness and denial of disability.


A neuro injury requires immediate medical attention and the key factor is to determine the extent and the location of the damage. Although the neuro injury may not result in the long-term disability or impairment, but the correct diagnosis and treatment is necessary to treat or minimize the damage. The extent and the effect of the neuro damage is determined by a neurological exam, neuropsychological assessments and neuroimaging tests like MRI or CT scans.

Doctors will stabilize the patient to prevent further injury and ensure that the blood and oxygen are flowing properly to the brain. Almost all patients will benefit from the rehabilitation that supports the long-term recovery. Often the treatments and rehabilitation include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychological support

Why To Choose An Indian Hospital for Neuro Surgery?

  • Highly qualified neurosurgeons with excellent academic credentials.
  • Most neuro surgeons in India have had extensive training in the Western countries like the US and UK
  • World class operation theatres.
  • Neurosurgery in India has a better success rate than the international standards.
  • Neuro surgery in India is just a fraction of the cost in the US without compromising the quality or the success rate.
  • Neurosurgery hospitals in India have a cutting edge technology which is at par with other western countries.
  • Neurosurgery hospitals in India offer the state of the art neurosurgery with high-end diagnostics.
  • Neurosurgery Hospitals in India provides the best treatment for neurological disorders at affordable price.

Why To Choose India for Neuro Surgeon?

Neuro surgeons in India are highly experienced and specially trained in performing the complex neurosurgeries. A very large number of doctors who specialize in neurosurgery in India have had education and training at the best institutions in the US and UK. There are over 1000 neuro surgeons in India perform the neuro as well as spine surgeries at leading hospitals in India. Most neurosurgeons have specialized in specific areas of interventional neuroradiology, functional neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, etc. Neuro surgeons in India are absolutely world class in terms of both academic qualifications.

Doctors who specialize in neuro surgery in India are truly experienced not only in terms of years of experience, but also in terms of the intensity of exposure. As Indian hospitals have a very high ratio of patients to doctors, therefore it provides a great amount of experience for the doctors over a short span of time.

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