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Burr Hole Drainage India: Read the Reviews
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Burr Hole Drainage Overview

A burr hole drainage refers to a hole that is surgically placed in the skull or the cranium to facilitate further surgery or disrupt the skull depending upon the nature of the issue. This surgery is used for a variety of reasons which include to make larger craniotomy, allow cerebrospinal fluid drainage, pass the drainage catheters or evacuate the chronic blood.

Brain Surgery Tool

This procedure is a necessary part of the huge majority of the brain surgeries. As the skull is very hard, creating an incision with a scalpel is impossible also using a saw to cut the skill requires special skills and techniques for preventing the injury to the brain. A burr hole makes it possible to create controlled cuts in the skill without risking penetration to the delicate brain tissues. Basically, the burr hole is used as the incision to perform the brain surgery.

Burr Hole Drainage Procedure

During the burr hole drainage procedure one or more holes are made in the skull in order to release the excess fluid pressure in the brain caused by chronic subdural hematoma or the blood clot on the brain. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

This surgery is performed by a neurosurgeon who is specifically trained in the brain and spine surgery and this practice is known as neurosurgery. Before this surgery, the area of the scalp of the patient where this procedure must be performed will be shaved clean of the hair. The skin will be prepared with a special solution designed to eliminate the germs on the surface of the skin. This will be done either immediately prior to the surgery or after the anesthesia is given.

Brain Surgery in India

The patient will be intubated and placed on a ventilator if they are not already receiving assistance with breathing after the anesthesia provider has administered sedation. The anesthesia will take effect within moments and then the patient will be positioned for surgery. The procedure may be performed either by supporting the head with towels, pillows, head pins to hold the head still in the most suitable position for the surgery.

The initial incision is made in the scalp so that the skin can be pulled away from the surgery site. A specialized air drill that is designed to stop drilling once the skull is penetrated is used to prevent the injury to the brain. Once the burr hole is completed, then the an additional incision is made in the dura, the tough covering of the brain. It appears as a thin film, but it is quite strong and must be moved aside. This is followed by draining the fluid from the affected area. Once the procedure is completed, then the dura is stitched together and the skin is placed back to the normal position and the stitches or the staples are used to close the incision.

Depending upon the nature of the surgery, the area may be lightly covered with minimal dressing or the head may be wrapped with bandages.

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Burr Hole Drainage Recovery

Since the reasons for the procedure vary widely, there is no standard recovery after placement of a burr hole. In severe cases, the patient may be unconscious and treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) like a Neuro ICU or the surgical ICU for days or even weeks after this surgery where they will be closely monitored by the staff. This allows the patient to get constant attention from the nursing staff regarding any signs of complications. In other cases, the patients may be awake and behave normally after emerging from the anesthesia.

The severity of the illness or the injury dictates how quickly, the patient will recover to normal activities. For some patients, the return to typical activities and the personality traits can be slower as compared to others.

It is advised to take good care of the incision as the infection in the incision can easily read the tissues of the brain. In most cases, the patients are given antibiotics to prevent the occurrence of the infection, even if it is not currently present. You should discuss with your neurosurgeon regarding what type of recovery to expect.

Why Burr Hole Drainage is necessary?

A burr hole drainage is required when there is a problem in the brain that requires to be treated surgically. In order to access the brain tissue, the skull or the cranium must be opened to allow access to the brain. In most brain surgeries, making a hole in the skull is the best way to treat the illness or injury.

There are many reasons why a neurosurgeon required to perform a brain surgery. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • To remove a blood clot.
  • To relieve pressure on the brain.
  • To remove a tumor.
  • To begin a larger incision like a craniotomy.
  • To treat the seizures.
  • To place a medical device like a chemotherapy wafer or a shunt.
  • To remove a foreign object.
  • To monitor the pressure inside the skull.

Is Burr Hole Drainage Reviews: Is it Effective?

The burr hole drainage is an effective surgical procedure to treat the blood clot in the brain. It is one of the safe and effective method to treat the chronic subdural hematoma.

Burr Hole Drainage Cost Comparisions:

The burr hole drainage procedure in India will cost you only a fraction as compared to the charges for the same treatment in other first world countries. India offers a cost-effective medical treatment and services without compromising the quality of treatment.

Why to choose India for your Burr Hole Drainage?

Burr hole drainage surgery in India is performed by the highly qualified neurosurgeons. The availability of highly skilled doctors, caring and compassionate nursing staff, world class infrastructures and latest medical technology in India ensures to provide the excellent medical treatments for international patients. Many medical tourists prefer India for undergoing the burr hole drainage as they get effective treatments at reasonable rates.

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