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Acute Back Pain - Learn Causes, Symptoms & Treatments
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Acute back pain Overview

Acute back pain refers to a low back pain present up to six weeks or more. Often people experience burning, aching, sharp or dull, stabbing or vague. The intensity of the acute pain ranges from mild to the severe pain and this may fluctuate. The pain might radiate into one or both the buttocks and sometimes it may even radiate into the thigh/hip regions. About 80% of the individuals who experience a significant episode of acute low back pain at some point in their lives.

Causes & Diagnosis of Acute Back Pain

Although the actual source of the acute back pain is difficult to identify, there are a number of possible pain producers, including the ligaments, muscles, soft connective tissues, joint capsules, blood vessels and the cartilage. These tissues are strained, pulled, sprained and stretched. In addition to this, the annular tears which are the small tears occurring in the outer layer of the intervetebral disc can initiate severe pain. Even if the actual damage in the tissue is minor and it will likely to repair itself quickly, but the pain experienced by the patient may be quite severe.


The irritation of the tissues may initiate a cascade of the events that contributes to the pain experienced by the patient. A number of chemical substances get released as a response to the tissue irritation. These substances stimulate the surrounding pain sensitive nerve fibers, thereby causes extreme pain. Some of the chemicals triggers inflammation and causes swelling that contributes to pain. This inflammation attributes the cycle of events that will persist for days to weeks.

The spasms or the muscular tension in the surrounding tissues may occur, resulting in a trunk shift is caused by the muscular imbalance. Additionally, the lack of usual blood supply to the affected area may occur so that the oxygen and nutrients are not optimally delivered and the removal of the irritating byproducts of the inflammation is impaired.


Diagnostic testing isn’t required in most cases. X-rays or other diagnostic tests are advised in the case of the pain related with acute low back pain.

Symptoms of Acute Back Pain

Back pain is a discomfort which everyone is seeing at any phase. Many causes of back pain cause trouble some days to work with ease. To control the pain growing acute, symptoms will help to get treatment as early as possible.

  • Stiffness in the spine with continous ache. This can begin from the base of neck to tail bone.
  • Sharp pain while performing activities, lifting heavy materials and enagement in strenuous activities.
  • Extreme ache after sitting or standing in the same positions for long durations.
  • Spams and cramps in muscles of back.


This pain management starts at home by exercising and home care. But, extreme cases will have to go for professional treatment courses with medications, physical therapies, surgery. Surgical treatments are done to cure acute back and spinal disorders like spurs in bone, herniated disc , or scoliosis. There are various conditions leading to back pain and according to specific person treatment is advised by the expert spine specialist. Medications help a lot to manage the pain and surgery is another treatment to get pain free back. Surgical processes include formectomy, discectomy, lumbar spine surgery, IntraDiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET), spinal fusion and spinal laminectomy.

Why to choose an Indian Hospital for your Back Pain?

The human services health administrations in India are at highest levels with the global models and standards. India guarantees high review social insurance administrations at an exceptionally sensible expense. The normal expense of medicinal services administrations in India speaks the truth 60-70% lesser than the expense of comparable administrations in Western world. The total typical cost for basic items is low in India when contrasted with western created nations; subsequently the general expense of restorative administrations is likewise low similar to western nations. Every year India gets patients from more than 40 nations over the globe due to simple availability of high review and practical medicinal administrations. The best in class settled medicinal services foundations, best in class remedial offices, exceptionally skillful doctors and financially savvy treatment have made India stand head-high on human services stage of the world. Hospitals and clinics in India give social insurance administrations in all claims to fame and super-fortes of prescription/surgery, including most recent methods of treatment.

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