Who Should be a Candidate for Spine Surgery?

Spine Surgery Overview

Spine surgery refers to the surgical specialty that involves restoration and preservation of the spine function by managing the disorders of the spine with both non-operative and complex operative treatments. Spine surgery is considered as a unique sub-specialty of the neurological and orthopedic surgery.

spine surgery

Spine Injury - Causes and Diagnosis

Causes of spine injury

The spinal cord injuries result from damage to the discs, ligaments or vertebrae of the spinal cord. A traumatic spine injury may stem from a sudden traumatic blow to the spine that dislocates, fractures, compresses or crushes one or more vertebrae. This condition can also result from a knife wound or gunshot that penetrates and cut the spinal cord. A non-traumatic spine injury can be triggered due to inflammation, cancer, infections, arthritis and disc regeneration of the spine. Additional damage from the spine injury occurs due to the swelling, bleeding and fluid accumulation in and around the spinal cord.

spine surgery

The most common causes of spine injuries include:

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Diagnosis of Spine Injury:

The first step in diagnosis of spine injury is a physical examination and medical history. The physician will ask you questions about the details about the time of injury. This will help him/her to understand if your spine injury is a case of medical emergency. The quicker the patient receives the treatment, the better the chances of recovery. Other details of the medical history involve details about any prior back or neck injuries or surgeries, weakness in the arms or legs, presence of pain in the neck or the back, loss of sensation in the arms or legs, loss of bowel or bladder control and other previous medical conditions.

The physical examination includes testing to see if sensation is intact is the arms and legs as well as testing the muscle strength and the reflexes in the arms or the legs. The next step for diagnosis of spine injury is X-rays of the neck or the back. This will help identify a fracture or dislocation of the vertebrae. The X-rays also help identify a severe arthritis, a tumor or an infection causing spine injury.

A computed tomography scan is an advanced imaging test that provides a better view of the vertebrae to the doctor. An MRI scan is another advanced imaging study to determine the spine injury. The MRI is better at evaluating the soft tissues like the invertebral discs, ligaments, nerves and the spinal cord. The magnetic resonance imaging can also show the evidence of the injury within the spinal cord.

Who Should be a Candidate for Spine Surgery?

The most important factor in predicting a favorable surgical outcome to ensure you are the right patient for the spine surgery. Your doctor will consider many factors before determining whether you are a candidate for spine surgery. First of all, your doctor will consider if the non-surgical treatments like medication, physical therapy and steroid injections can help you avoid the surgery. If non-surgical methods do not help relieve the pain and numbness associated with your medical option, then surgery will be recommended.

The diagnostic tests combined with your symptoms will help your doctor to focus on the best treatment. Since every patient and their situation are unique, it is up to the patient and the doctor to decide if the spine surgery is the right option. Spine surgery is the most effective procedure for the people who have no neck or back pain but have constantly radiating pain. You should wait to consider surgery until the extreme pain becomes almost unbearable or you have a noticeable loss of function. The recent advances in the arthoscopic surgery make it safer and the most effective option than it was a few years ago.

Why To Choose An Indian Hospital for Spine Surgery?

Hospitals in India run one of the best spine care programs and has a team of dedicated spine surgeons whose are interested to provide the state of the art spine treatments to the patients. The doctors have a long-term fellowship training and the hospital have the best equipments, latest technology, infrastructure to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate the spine injury patients. The spine surgeons in India have a wide range of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that helps identify the root cause of the pain in spine patient. This will ensure that the patient gets subsequent definitive method of treatments to provide the best possible long-term cure to the patient.

The Indian hospitals have technically advanced spine surgeries for patients suffering from slip disc in the cervical and lumbar spine. The benefits in these techniques ensure enhanced safety and faster recovery from the surgery. The Indian hospitals also carry out minimally invasive procedures like the microscopic discectomy, spinal fusion and microscopic decompression of the lumbar and canal stenosis. Apart from these procedures, they also perform the routine major surgeries of the spine like the spinal deformity correction, artificial disc replacement, spinal tumor surgery, treatment of the cervical and dorsal myelopathy and the treatment of spinal fractures.

The spine surgery in Indian hospitals has better outcomes that are at par with the best hospitals in the world. The higher skills to perform an advanced spinal surgery provides a rich experience that allows a chance for natural healing of the spine condition. The spine surgery in India is complemented by an excellent physical therapy and the rehabilitation that facilitates the patient with natural recovery. The spine surgery in India is available at quite economical costs as compared to that of the first world countries.


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