Low Cost Craniotomy Surgery for Meningioma in India

Craniotomy for Meningioma surgery Reviews: Read Why it is Necessary?

Low Cost Craniotomy Surgery for Meningioma in India

A craniotomy is a kind of brain surgery, which is usually performed for removing brain tumor. It can be even considered for removing blood clots like the hematoma in order to regulate the hemorrhage from any weak and leaking blood vessel. This can help in repairing the abnormal connections of blood vessels (or arteriovenous malformations), relieve pressure within the skull, drain a brain abscess or to carry out a biopsy in order to inspect your brain. As per study conducted by groups like the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Brain Science Foundation, 34 % of different primary brain tumors are seen occurring in people between the age group of 30 to 70 years, while the Malignant meningiomas comprises 2-3 % of all the meningiomas. The same study suggest that 90 percent of these cases are addressed with this procedure.

Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery Procedure

Generally there two methods, which are adopted by the surgeons in order to open the skull. Either they will make an incision at the nape of the neck over the bone, which is at the occipital bone (back) or over the curving incision is made at the front of the ear, which arches over the eye. The incision is then penetrated as much as the thin membrane is seen covering the skull bone. During the skin incision, the surgeons should seal off a number of small blood vessels as the scalp is seen having rich blood supply. The scalp tissue is then folded back in order to expose the bone. With the help of a high speed drill, the surgeon carries out a pattern of holes via the skull (cranium) and then employ a fine wire in order to connect the holes unless a segment of bone flap is removed. With this, the surgeon gets the access to the inside of patient's skull, which help him to carry out the surgery within the brain. Once the internal brain lesion is removed the bone is then replaced and secured over its original position with the help of soft wire.

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Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery Recovery

Since it is a major surgical procedure, which is carried out under general anesthesia, hence just after the surgery, the pupil reactions of the patients are tested, the mental status is then checked after the anesthesia, while the limbs' movement is then evaluated. Hence, after the surgery, the patient is supposed to carry out a breathing exercise just to clear the lungs. Post surgery, the patient can experience swelling, seizures and pain, which can be addressed via medications. Patients need 5 to 14 days stay at office after the surgery. The sutures sealing the scalp are then removed by the doctor, while the soft wires that are used to reattach the portion of the skull, which was removed are then permanent and are thus doesn't need any attention. At times, the patients would require the help of occupational therapists or physical therapist in order to gauge the status of patients postoperatively and help in improving the strength, speech, daily living skills and other capabilities. For complete recovery the patient would require around two months as it is very much common to feel the fatigue for around eight weeks post surgery.

Why Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery is necessary?

Meningiomas are among the most common types of benign intracranial tumor, which originate from the cells of arachnoid cap that are cells within spider kind of membrane, which covers the spinal cord and brain. Although most of the meningiomas are of benign in nature, these tumors are seen growing gradually until they are seen in big size if they are not found, whereas in some locations these can prove out to be a threat to life. Though there are several other methods of treatment for Meningioma, however, the option of surgery is considered to be the primary treatment for the meningiomas. One of the key reasons why the option of surgery is effective is that it gives enough opportunity to the surgeon to tailor the right operating option as per the size and location of the brain tumor. With the option of surgery, complete removal of these meningiomas, which further give the best result.

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Is Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery Reviews: Is it Effective?

As per reports, more than 80% of patients were reported with positive results with the Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery. The location of the tumor in patient's brain is one of the vital factor in finding out the success of the treatment. The location and the types of meningiomas would be the deciding factor for the success of the treatment. The optic sheath and the skull based meningiomas are often very much difficult to remove the same surgically. The older patients or the ones with poor health before the surgery would face additional amount of difficulties during the treatment and recovery options.

Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery Cost comparisions

When it comes cost of Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery in India, it is certainly low. However, the low cost simply do not make the healthcare services of low quality. The fact is there is no compromise on the quality, thanks to the high end healthcare infrastructure and competent healthcare experts who cater high quality services. In India, the total cost like consultation fee, medicine, surgery, hospital stay, transportation, accommodation, etc are up to 60 percent less than the services you avail at developed nations like the US or the UK. The Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery in India can cost you around 3000 to 6000 USD, while the same procedure in the US can cost you around 15,000 to 30,000 dollars. Considering such a huge difference in cost with similar quality of healthcare services in India, more and more global patients are reaching out at this place.

Why to choose India for your Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery?

The Indian hospitals are known for catering comprehensive healthcare solutions for patients having brain disorder or brain tumor surgery. Of late, India has become an important destination for Craniotomy for Meningioma Surgery. The hospitals in India renders global quality of healthcare services with the help of competent brain surgeons who are armed with advance level medical treatment and best brain tumor healing methods. The brain tumor is among the abnormal tissue mass wherein cells grow and multiply in the most abnormal way. The Indian neurologists/neurosurgeons are backed with the most extensive kind of neuro-diagnostic and imaging facilities comprising the state of art MRI and CT technology. Besides, the hospitals here cater the best quality diagnostic X-ray imaging services like EMG, EEG, Functional MRI with Spectro-scopy, Sensation 10 CT Scanner, etc. All these healthcare services with high quality backed with low prices.

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Patient Testimonial – Ms. Anne Perkins from Australia sharing her experience of Craniotomy Surgery done in India

low cost craniotomy surgery for meningioma in india experience
Ms. Anne Perkins from Australia

My mother was diagnosed with tumor in the meninges and it was a really testing time for us as she was in a critical condition. The specialists of spine and neuro surgery group did a proper diagnosis and they recommended for her to undergo the craniotomy surgery which would help them access the part of the brain with tumor cells to remove them. Being a brain surgery, it had some risks and the doctors had made us familiar with them before the procedure but the way in which they handled the entire case is commendable. In fact, the staff members were available throughout to support us emotionally and mentally during the procedure.

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Get Low Cost Craniotomy Surgery for Meningioma in India

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