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About us

Presenting Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India

A network of surgeons, experts and hospitals in this field, we stand for state of the art surgical care for ailments of central and peripheral nervous system of the highest quality and can boast of infrastructure that can be compared with that of any such specialty hospital globally. We offer compassionate care that patients that patients are able to afford. We keep abreast of the latest developments in spine and neurological surgeries that would help us lower cost and pass on the savings to the customers.


Stay at the leading edge of medical research and surgical procedures in the field of spine and neuro surgeries; develop best practices and procedures to treat ailments of central and peripheral nervous system. Patients anywhere in the world shall be able to access the required medical care and surgeries despite of the unavailability of surgeries, treatments, surgeons and hospitals where they live. Responsive treatments offered in friendly, compassionate manner while retaining the focus on professionalism.


  • Be a leader in the field of medicine to cure neurological, spinal and orthopedic conditions by providing state of the art facilities, ethical, compassionate & comprehensive patient care; utilize learning and insights from the latest research. Use latest tools and techniques for our surgical procedures.
  • Patient will be treated like a family member, given individual attention and our approach with patient and family member will be compassionate.
  • Network with medical facilities in the world to deliver quality and affordable surgeries for treating ailments of central and peripheral nervous system. Thus, bridge the gap between “need” and “delivery” of surgeries for such treatments.
  • Collaborate with all the elements that have to work together so that neuro and spine surgeries can be offered seamlessly to patients around the world.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of both demand for health care and medical treatment to cure ailments involving central and peripheral nervous systems and latest technologies in delivering it

Quality Policy

Hospitals in our network will provide ethical, reliable, cost effective and high quality health care and surgical procedures to treat conditions of central and peripheral nervous systems. Our staff will cater to the personal needs of the patient and the family while the patient is healing. We will be professional, but compassionate and ensure complete patient satisfaction.

To improve the quality of our surgical procedures further, we will continuously monitor our procedures in dealing with pre, intra and post-operative phases of patient care; our goal is to exceed international standards.

With administrators and other support staff who are focused on health care that is personalized and friendly to the patients, we are in the best position to deliver health care of the highest quality.

Why Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India?

We are a network of surgeons, experts & hospitals in the field of spine and neuro surgeries in India. Our services are geared towards international patients. If you need medical care for neurological, spinal and orthopedic condition, you need to look no further. Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India will take care of you. Please think of us as a friend who will stand behind you and take care of all the aspects of your surgery in India. Although it is hard to list all our services, we state a sample of the services we provide: Contact Us

Conditions & Treatments