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Spine & Neuro Surgery Hospital India - Low Cost Treatment

India has been at the forefront of the medical industry for quite some time now. Invasive surgeries in India are famous around the world for providing the most advanced micro-surgical techniques and the excellent medical service facilities. Till the end of 1940s, Neurosurgery in India was being practiced solely by general surgeons and not by dedicated neuro specialists. Today, there are more than 180 neuro surgeons in India. Approximately a quarter-million different types of Spine Surgeries are performed in India each year, half on the upper and half on the lower part of the spine. Spinal fusion, also known as spondylodesis or spondylosyndesis, is a technique used to combine two or more vertebrae so as to eliminate unwanted pain. It is indeed a well-known fact that Neuro surgeons in India are the best in the world and many of them have been educated not only in premier institutes in India but have undergone specialization in the field in premium institutes in the world. Every type of neural ailment that is found among patients in the west has been encountered by the neuro surgeons of the various Neuro Hospital in India.

There are many private Best Neuro surgery Hospitals in India are technically equipped to meet all of the challenges of neurological treatment that prevail in the country. In spine surgery, the surgeon makes incisions so as to treat the damaged spinal tissues and repair them. Some surgeries involve removing a part of the bone over the nerve root to relieve pinching of the nerve and help the nerve to heal. Sometimes, a bone graft is performed to immobilize a painful vertebral segment so as to decrease pain associated. With a considerably large pool of untreated patients, India represents a big opportunity for the leading medical equipment and devices manufacturers and also for establishing more and more Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India. The various hospitals perform the full range of spinal procedures like complex spine reconstructions. Spine Surgeons in India are internationally trained and certified and are also affiliated with the leading health Institutes in the country.

When suffering from back or neck pain, it's important to find a physician who can relieve the pain and offer a quick recovery. Choosing a neurosurgeon for your spine needs ensures you’ll receive the highest level of experience. Often thought of as "brain surgeons," neurosurgeons receive more spinal surgery training than any other specialty and are the only physicians who treat the entire spine.

The back and neck protect the most delicate and complex portion of your body-the nervous system. Our board-certified neuro spine surgeons offer the latest minimally invasive spine treatments of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine as well as conditions of the brain and peripheral nerves. The minimally-invasive approach we use can result in: smaller openings/scars, shorter recovery times, less postoperative pain and shorter hospital stays. Many patients are home the same day or within 24 hours after minimally invasive spine procedures. Medical companies across the United States have chosen Spine and Neuro to host clinical studies based on our reputation of excellence. Our research department has hosted studies to advancement of lumbar disc herniation treatment, spinal stenosis, cervical disc replacement, spinal fusions and diagnostic testing. The facilities are at par with the international standards of medical cognizance.

Another type of neurological surgery that is catching up in India due to the increased number of occurrences is brain tumor surgery. Brain Tumor Surgery India is usually performed so as treat and remove the tumor, to have control in the pain and to relieve the other symptoms of the cancer, to relieve the side effects of therapy, and to ease emotional problems. A metropolitan city in India, has become famous in the country for the exemplary contribution in the field of neuro surgery and has risen to the fame of one of the Best Hospital for Neuro surgery in Indiain a short span of time. The hospital employs the country's best neuro surgeons, spine surgeons, cardiologists, etc. along with the state-of-the-art equipment so as to cater to the needs of the patients in the most professional and extensive manner possible. It is indeed the best Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India and is the next destination for the finest medical treatment in India.

Neuro and spine surgery hospitals in India aim at providing excellence and leadership in neurological, neurosurgical, spinal, orthopaedic and neuro rehabilitation healthcare utilizing expertise and state-of-the-art technological infrastructure for the benefit of patients and the society in a compassionate and collaborative environment. The Neuro and spine surgery Hospitals in India are world-class, with premier neuroscience healthcare provider located in major developed cities. Conveniently located in financially developed cities, Neuro Spinal Hospital is a renowned private neurosurgical, neurological, spinal and orthopaedic specialist facility with a dedicated, expert staff of specialists using the most advanced equipment, technology, and evidence-based techniques.

The Neuro Spinal Hospital takes great pride in its tertiary healthcare facility, offering superior diagnostic, rehabilitative and curative services for a wide range of neurological, spinal and orthopaedic disorders. The multinational staff is a dedicated, problem-solving team, working together with the patient and the patient’s family to provide the highest levels of care and specialty services.

The Neuro and Spine Hospital aims at:

  • Extending expert neurosurgical, spinal and orthopaedic care using the most advanced medical technologies
  • Provide excellent and affordable treatment till the last person of the society
  • Serve as a referral center for the region
  • Work with physicians throughout the region to evaluate and treat neurological and orthopaedic disorders

Those who should consider the spine and Neuro Hospital for their care in neurosurgical, neurological, spinal or orthopaedic treatments are patients who:

  • Want expert care for a complex or challenging neurological, spinal or othopaedic condition
  • Seek a holistic approach to medical care
  • Appreciate a multinational clinical team
  • Value convenience and service
  • Desire affordability but still want expert, evidence-based care in a world-class facility
  • Appreciate the amenities and high levels of service offered by a private hospital.
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