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Mrs. Sarah Fregene, Nigeria
Cervical Spine Treatment

Mrs. Sarah Fregene lived in Nigeria faced discomfort because of pain in the neck and shoulder area. That pain usually moved from shoulder to arms and fingers. Sometimes she felt numbness or tingling in her arms and shoulder. She encountered a high level of pain while standing, coughing, sneezing and even tilting her neck backward. She had the problem in lifting her arms or holding an object firmly. Combing or tying her own hair became a tough task for her. She got to know that she suffered from cervical spine disease from her sister when she shared her problem.

This was not something that Mrs. Fregene could neglect. It could get worse if not treated on time. She tried consulting about the same with spine doctors in Nigeria but failed in her approach. A doctor who once attended a seminar in India on the subject of spine disease told her about Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India. Without wasting any time she searched for assistance so that she with her sister could make an easy route to India.

Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India helped them with an assistant that made their appointment fixed with the doctor. Also, he did all the arrangements which were vital for landing in India. He facilitated both of them with pick up and drop service from airport to the booked accommodation and to the hospital too.

Mrs. Fregene was a little anxious before meeting the doctor. But the doctor made her feel comfortable and observed every minute aspect of her pain. For further study about her disease, he suggested her few tests before commencing the treatment. CT Scan that could provide more detailed image of her neck, an MRI Scan which could provide images using radio waves and magnetic field to help the doctor locate strained nerves, a myelogram to highlight certain areas of the spine and an electromyogram to check whether the nerves are functioning normally when signals are sent to the muscles.

The doctor consoled her and assured her that she would get perfectly fine pretty soon. After reviewing the reports for all the tests that were done previously, he scheduled the surgery date on an early basis. For that little time span, he altered few medications for preoperative care. This is done so that the body gets ready for further treatment. Mrs. Fregene was restless until the day came when she had to go for the surgery.

Her sister was emotionally down and concerned about her sister in the operation theatre. The continuous prayers were going on in her heart. The time stretch of the surgery felt to be lengthy. The wait had finally come to an end when the doctor stepped out of the operation theatre with a big smile on his face and called Mrs. Fregene’s sister. “She’s absolutely fine,” said the doctor. Soon she will be shifted to the ward. The postoperative care was given to her with the best medicines and precautionary food. The staff there cooperated with both of them. They both were content and thankful!

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