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Suboccipital Craniectomy India: Reviews to know!
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Suboccipital Craniectomy Overview (what is Suboccipital Craniectomy)

Suboccipital craniectomy is a surgical procedure in which the neurosurgeon will remove a small portion of your skull at the back of your head. This procedure removes acoustic neuroma, which is a non-cancerous tumor that forms in the nerve in the middle of the ear. This surgery involves removal of the bone without replacing it. Usually, this procedure is preferred due to the post-operative swelling in the suboccipital region is aggravated by an inelastic bone flap as opposed to the absent bone.


Generally, this surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the patient will be required to stay in hospital for a few days. The surgeon ensures great care to avoid injuring the sinuses in this region. The bony landmarks are used along with an image-guided intraoperative navigational software to localize the sinuses. After removal of enough bone with this procedure, now the sinuses are directly visualized through the dura. After the completion of this procedure, the incision is closed.

Suboccipital Craniectomy Procedure

  • Preparation:
    During this procedure, the patients will be given general anesthesia. A portion of the scalp of the patient is shaved. A combination of devices are used to secure a comfortable position for the patient for the complete duration of the surgery.
  • Nerve Monitoring:
    Then the electrodes will be attached to his/her face. This will enable your surgeon to monitor your nerves. Since the nerves are sensitive to manipulation, therefore monitoring is crucial for the surgeon to prevent any nerve damage.
  • Accessing the skull:
    Your neurosurgeon will then access your skull by making an incision in the scalp behind the ear. Then the skin is pulled back to expose the skull.
  • Opening the skull:
    Craniectomies are drilled with the pneumatic drill and the burr attachment until the underlying dura is partially exposed. The surgeon will use a high speed drill to create a small hole in the skull. Then the dura, which is a thick covering in the brain is opened to expose the brain.
  • Inserting the tools:
    The surgeon will use a brain retractor to hold a portion of the brain called as cerebellum away from the surgical site. An operating microscope will be used to magnify the view of the surgical area.
  • Reaching the tumor:
    Soft, flexible retractors are used to hold the healthy tissues aside and then the acoustic neuroma is exposed. In certain cases, the petrous bone that covers the inner ear must be drilled away for complete exposure of the mass.
  • Clearing the tumor:
    Microsurgical tools are used to carefully suction away the tumor and to dissect it from the surrounding nerves.
  • End of procedure:
    If any open air cells in the bone are present, then they are sealed with a wax or bone substitutes. The dura is sutured closed and the skull is closed using either a titanium mesh or with a bone cement. The incision is then sealed with a combination of surgical staples and sutures.

Suboccipital Craniectomy Recovery

Most patients will remain in the hospital for about three to five nights post this surgery. Patients may require about one to four weeks for complete recovery process. During the recovery period, the patient’s physical abilities as well as their cognitive abilities are tested and therapy is administered as per requirement. Depending upon the size of the tumor and the damage caused by it, some patient feel fatigue and headache during the healing period.

Why Suboccipital Craniectomy is necessary?

The suboccipital craniectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove an acoustic neuroma. This procedure removes a type of non-cancerous brain tumor, which forms in the nerve of the middle ear. It is needed to treat the brain tumors present in the rear of the brain or the cerebellum.

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Suboccipital Craniectomy Reviews: Is it Effective?

Suboccipital craniectomy is an effective procedure to remove an acoustic neuroma that generally forms in the nerve of the middle ear.

Suboccipital Craniectomy Cost comparisons:

Suboccipital craniectomy in India will cost only a fraction of the cost in the US. India offers brain surgeries and treatments at cost-effective rates.

Why to choose India for your Suboccipital Craniectomy?

Choosing India to undergo suboccipital craniectomy is a viable option as this procedure is performed by highly efficient surgeons at lower rates. India has best hospitals that offer highly advanced medical facilities and has latest equipments to treat your medical conditions. Indian medical care and services are excellent as well as patients can recuperate well post surgery in India. India offers a diverse culture and is a favorite medical hub for tourist searching for medical treatment and surgeries as well as enjoy their vacation.

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