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Sterotactic Biopsy India Reviews: Read the facts!
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Sterotactic Biopsy Overview (what is Sterotactic Biopsy)

Sterotactic biopsy is a procedure to remove a tumor or a piece of tissue from the brain so that it can be examined under the microscope to diagnose the illness. It is a minimally invasive procedure which is a type of brain biopsies. This biopsy procedure uses a computer and imaging performed in at least two planes so as to localize a target lesion like a tumor in three-dimensional space. It also guides the removal of tissue for examination by a pathologist under a microscope. Patients undergoing this biopsy can tolerate it under light sedation in contrast with the general anesthesia.

Sterotactic Biopsy

Sterotactic Biopsy Procedure

Depending upon the location and size of the lesion, the sterotactic biopsy is performed either with a frame or without a frame.

In case of frameless biopsy, the patient will be asked to get a special CT and MRI scans one or two days prior to the planned biopsy. This image will be imported into a computer system which provides a 3-D image of your brain and shows the target for the biopsy to the doctors while performing the procedure in the operating room. They use this image along with a biopsy guidance arm that will safely guide a needle into the target tumor.

In case of a frame based biopsy, the doctors will attach a device called as a sterotactic frame to the patient’s head before obtaining the MRI or the CT scans. This device is used along with the image guidance system. The frame is useful specifically for guiding the biopsy needle to small targets or the deeper targets in the brain.

During both the frame and frameless biopsies, a small incision is made and a small hole is drilled in the skull. This allows the needle to pass through the target lesion in the brain.

During this procedure, the patient will be asleep and the head is secured. The fiducials on the scalp are registered by the cameras into the computerized navigation system in the operation room. A minimal amount of hair is shaved followed by marking a small incision.

Then the area is cleaned meticulously and draped in a sterile fashion. The neurosurgeon will make an opening in the skull called as burr hole and then the covering of the brain i.e. dura is opened.

A sterotactic biopsy needle that is long and has a soft-nosed blunt tip is inserted into the target using the neuronavigation system for proper guidance and collecting the biopsy samples. The samples are examined in real-time by a pathologist. Additional samples are obtained to perform permanent pathology studies. The final results will take about three to four days time as it will allow the special stains to be completed to enhance the accuracy of the diagnosis.

After the operation, the needle is removed, and the incision is sutured or stapled closed. The operation can be performed either by giving general anesthesia to the patients wherein you are asleep or with sedation where you feel drowsy, but not fully unconscious.

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Sterotactic Biopsy Recovery

Following this procedure, bandages may be placed over the incision sites that can be removed the following day. Patients will be observed for a specific time after the biopsy before they are allowed to go home.

After the surgery, the patient will require to stay overnight in the hospital. Some patients may feel weakness, have seizures or coordination problems related to their disease. An additional hospital stay will be required for treating the patients with the problems other than surgery. Most patients can return to their normal activities the following day after biopsy.

Why Sterotactic Biopsy is necessary?

Sterotactic biopsy is required to diagnose the abnormality by seeing the images shown on an MRI or a CT scan. Although these imaging techniques are very good at showing the parts of the brain that are abnormal, but they can’t tell us with certainity about the abnormality- that means, whether it is a cancerous tumor, a bengin tumor, an inflammatory process, an infection, a vascular abnormality or a pathology. Since the treatments for these abnormalities differ, so it is quite important to determine what a lesion is present so that the doctor can recommend you the appropriate treatment.

An x-ray guided sterotactic biopsy is used for impalpable lesions which are not visible on the ultrasound. A sterotactic biopsy may also be used with x-ray guidance to perform a fine needle aspiration for cytology to evaluate a lesion.

Sterotactic Biopsy Reviews: Is it Effective?

A sterotactic biopsy procedure performed using a frame or without using a frame are both safe and effective. During this surgical procedure, a thin needle is inserted into the brain by a neurosurgeon to extract the small tissue that requires to be examined under a microscope.

Sterotactic Biopsy Cost comparisons:

The sterotactic biopsy in India would cost you around $1500-$3000 while the corresponding cost in the USA is about $5000-$10,000.

Why to choose India for your Sterotactic Biopsy?

Sterotactic biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses this technology to obtain a the samples of the brain tissue or tumor for diagnostic purposes. The patients can get sterotactic biopsy treatment in India with the world class facilities available at the top hospitals. The international patients do not have wait for months for getting this treatment done after the initial appointments. Also, the cost for the procedure is quite expensive in developed countries, while India offers the same treatment at lower rates.

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