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Therapeutic Approach of Embolization for Vascular Malformations

Urinating normally can become a task when our prostrate is not functioning properly. In order to get this hindrance in urinating corrected, Prostrate Artery Embolization is performed. It is a non surgical method capable of treating the affected prostrate accurately. This article will give you an insight about the entire procedure and necessary information related to it. It will also highlight the risk factors associated with this procedure.

Understanding Vascular Malformation

Our vascular system consists of the network of veins, arteries and lymph vessels. Malformation in this results in vascular malformation. It does not affect a particular age group of people, rather it can happen in any age group and there is a broad category of reasons for the same as well.

Most Effective Treatment of Vascular Malformation – Embolization

What makes embolization to come across as the most effective treatment for vascular malformation is that it is a minimally or non invasive procedure that works on using glue like particles to close the malfunctioning blood vessels. The basic idea is to avoid excessive bleeding from the blood vessels and thus reduce the damage. It is important to get the region identified for treatment. It is generally prevalent in the head, neck and extremities of our body.

The Procedure of Embolization

When the blood supply to the blood vessel is affected due to abnormal growth, embolization attempts to manage it by firstly consulting with an urologist. The radiologist inserts a wire through the thigh veins and isolates the blood vessel which is having abnormal growth. Then by using glue like medical materials, it closes it to end the affecting area.

How does embolization work

Thus, after the entire procedure is done, you will be taken to the recovery room and the catheter will be removed. Post which a bandage will be put in order to keep the insertion area safe.

Before the Embolization Procedure

There are certain things that need to be taken care of before the embolisation procedure is done. The first thing is that the doctors will tell you when you should stop consuming any eatable or any drinks or medicines as well. Before the procedure is done you are also required to reach the anaesthesia staff in order to get your laboratory test done if required before the operation is done. There will be a requirement for you to be present 2 to 3 hours in the hospital in order to manage the required tasks before the procedure is performed.

When you arrive at the hospital for the embolization procedure:

After the Embolization Procedure

Recovery Time for Embolization

Top Embolization Doctors in India

The topmost doctors for embolization in India include:

Benefits of Embolization

Some of the key benefits of embolization include: