Growth Rod Surgery For Scoliosis in India


Scoliosis is a medical condition in which spine has a sideways curve deformity. In some this curve is stable while in some this curve increases with age. Certain symptoms associated with scoliosis include pain in back, shoulders and neck. Constipation, respiratory and cardiac problems in severe conditions are observed. Doctors usually recommend surgical treatments for children with a bend of about 45-50 degrees and higher. Growth rod surgery in India is one of the best options that surgeons recommend while treating scoliosis. The degree of surgery depends on the flexibility of patient’s scoliosis before the surgery. Some people also reported their resolved issues about back pain in 1st year of the surgery. This is one of the longest and complicated surgical procedures.

scoliosis and normal spine

If the patient is suffering from mild scoliosis, the patient may not have to face many problems because of the disease. But if the case of scoliosis is severe in the patient, then it may interfere with the breathing of the patient. This may end up working as a foundation for more complications like Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome (TIS), where the chest (thorax) of the person suffering does not have the proper capacity to support lung growth, which in turn will further hinder the person’s breathing pattern making it abnormal and difficult which might also shorten the person’s life expectancy.

Why Growth Rod for Scoliosis?

Growth rod is usually recommended for children who haven’t reached the age of their skeletal maturity, which is usually between the ages of 3 to 8 years old. This treatment is done for the correction of spinal curve and to allow the proper growth of the spine enabling a relevant growth in patient’s height. The surgery usually involves attaching rods to the spine and sometimes in ribs above and below the curve with screws at either end of the rod. The patient has to go through multiple procedures so as to adjust the rods with the growth of the patient.

Growth Rod Procedure:

The patient has to undergo surgery again in 6 months so that the rods can be extended until the proximity of skeletal maturity. Through tiny incision implants are made. As this procedure consists of the patient having to undergo multiple surgeries, in which the same incision is accessed, the risk of procuring skin problems or infections in the skin tissues exists. After the patient has gone through multiple procedures of the growth rod surgery, the patient is waited on to become older and the spine to have the time to grow as well, then the apparatus are removed from where they were placed. Ultimately, a final procedure for spinal fusion is done which in turn will result in the patient leading relatively normal or at least a less complicated living.

patients with rods in spine

There are different versions of growth rod surgery named as Magnetically Controlled Growth Rod surgery. It based on the idea of non-invasive surgery for multiple lengthening procedures without having the necessity of the usage of anesthesia or the open surgery or having to stay in the hospital for long. The most alluring thing about this procedure is it eliminates the necessity of multiple surgeries. This process consists of an implantable titanium rod, a remote controller and some extensions.

Growth-guided devices uses instrumentation designed to correct the scoliosis while allowing the child to grow. Two rods are implanted on each side of the spine and the rods are attached to screws or wires, called anchor points, along the spine. These rods are attached with growth- guided devices.

Advantages and Risks Associated with Growth Rod:

With every surgery there are certain degrees of risks associated, but with proper care and skilled surgeons a lot of complications can be resolved. Though the surgery results may vary from person to person here are some of the advantages of growth rod sugery:

Growth Rod Surgery Risks Includes:

Why India for Growth Rod Surgery Treatment?

India is one of the latest and the most affordable destinations for those who are looking for scoliosis surgery. The travelling and accommodation charges are convenient and low with comprehensive medical tourism packages guiding patients all the way till the end of their surgeries. India provides state-of-the-art medical facilities with world’s renowned surgeons in almost half of the price as in developed countries.

What to Expect After Surgery?