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International Patient Testimonial

Mr. Rashid Ola gunjo - Nigeria
HealthChekup in India

Hello, I am Rashid Ola gunjo from Nigeria. I am very conscious about my health. India is famous land for its incredible heritage and culture and now is also emerging as medical tourism destination. Body checkup in my hometown is an expensive matter and also lack modern techniques. So I started my search for exemplary hospital offering health care packages at effective price and got contacted to one of the famous hospital providing full body check up, including my stays, hospitals, doctors, and an exotic visit to near by holiday spots. The service was absolutely the world class with expert doctors, hospitals with state-of-art facilities, high ending technology to meet modern health care needs. Thanks to the hospital staff for marvelous arrangements cooperating with me at every step. I will never forget the wonderful experience of getting a high quality body checkup with first rate holiday in India.


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