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International Patient Testimonial

Mrs. Susan - Kenya
Brian Tumer Surgery in India

Hi, my name is Susan and I am from Kenya. I got a real shock when I came to know that I was suffering from brain tumor. But without losing hope I searched for efficient treatment outside Kenya as medical system is not so developed in Kenya. Brain tumor surgery in India is well known due to its supremacy and affordability. I had a ray of hope for my health and came to in India to avail high modality surgery under conducted by experienced professionals. The team of oncologists and surgeons started treatment as soon as I reached India beginning with pre surgical tests. Surgery was performed with extreme care and I was in hospital for about five days. I am grateful to hospital staff for caring and being nice. I was happy and satisfied with treatment results. I will be more than happy by recommending the services of health care institute for low cost brain tumor in India.


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