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International Patient Testimonial

Mr. Njorge - Kenya
Wifes Brian tumer Surgery in India

Hi, I am Mr. Njorge from Kenya. My wife and I visited India for her brain tumor surgery and we had a great experience. No medication was working to control trouble and situation was going worse. Her doctor told us that she needs a surgery for brain tumor and recommended India for excellent medical care. Doctors started treatment steps with diagnosis tests to detect exact cause. Treatment followed with modality techniques with pre surgical care. Surgery was successfully conducted and my wife was under medical supervision for a week. After confirming that everything was ok she got discharged from the hospital. I am so happy to see my wife is fine, now leading a good life without any risk. I am very much thankful to the hospital team for their support and incomparable services they provided. The aftercare has been outstanding with medication readily available when needed. I am so pleased with the end result of my wife's brain tumor surgery in India.


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