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Gamma Knife radio Surgery Overview
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Gamma Knife Radio Surgery falls under radiation therapy, which usually helps in treating tumors and several other abnormalities in brain. It is also known as Stereotactic Radio surgery, which is among the precise kind of therapeutic radiology procedures. Interestingly, this treatment option is non surgical and has no Gamma knife in it, which is known to have 90 percent of success rate. In this treatment option, a set of highly focused gamma rays are used to treat medium and small size lesions found generally in the brain. A number of beams coming from the gamma radiation are joined together to focus over the lesion during the treatment wherein an extremely intense kind of radiation dose is given to the patient without opting for any surgical procedure.

Gamma Knife radio Surgery Procedure

This treatment demands expertise of numerous specialists like a neurosurgeon, a physicist, an anesthesiologist, a radiation oncologist and a registered nurse with special training. In the first step, the patients is made comfortable by giving him some time to relax, which follows fitting the metal frame securely over the head the patient. As this frame is placed with a pin, it becomes too rigid, which means the lesion or tumor can be found out with precision tools like MRI or CT scan. With the help of 3 D planning software, a proper treatment plan is designed, which helps in hitting the right contours of the lesion/tumor using the radiations. The doctor then analyzes the images in order to find out the abnormalities found within patient's brain followed by focusing the radiation on the same. Keeping the head steady, the doctor focuses 192 radiation in one session simultaneously over the set target. The duration of treatment can last from few minutes to hours as per the type and location of the lesion.

Gamma Knife radio Surgery Recovery

After the treatment, the patient is sent back to the recovery room. The patient can feel some headache, which can be addressed by any medication (in case if it is severe). The patient is monitored for a while by keeping a check over his or her pulse and blood pressure. In most of the cases, the patients are given discharge the same day and they can resume their normal chores like eating and drinking when they feel comfortable. However, before the discharge of the patients, the patients are given certain post treatment instructions. This is because the after effect of treatment can remain for weeks or even years, which would demand certain medications for a while. This is continued by medication as per physician's prescription.

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Why Gamma Knife radio Surgery is necessary?

It has been popular since past few decades to treat a number of brain tumors and brain disorders having no blood or scalpels. The constant evolution in technology has given the neurosurgeons to adopt this treatment worldwide. As per reports, half a million people have been benefited from this radio surgery. It is used to treat certain brain conditions, which are otherwise difficult to treat with other options. Though it is mostly used to treat the abnormalities found inside human brain but it can be used to treat brain cancer, addressing arteriovenous malformations, trigeminal neuralgia and acoustic neuroma. It involves no incisions, which makes it a non surgical treatment option. A per studies, it comes with the success rate of 85 percent apart from having a number of benefits like less treatment time, accurate results and higher survival rates. This means, you have no blood loss along with having fewer complications or risks.

Is Gamma Knife radio Surgery Reviews: Is it Effective?

As there is no incision made in this treatment, you have fewer surgical complications. There is no need to shave the head of the patients as there are less side effects. The treatment is much shorter than the usual surgical procedures and has minimal discomfort. The patients getting this treatment can leave home the same day of surgery or could be held back for an overnight observation, which is very much less than compared to the traditional surgical options. It is generally proves effective for cancer patients, which can spread from other areas of the body and thus offer a new hope for the patients having skull base tumors or complex lesions. In other words, it offers the most favorable high quality of life during and after the treatment session.

Gamma Knife radio Surgery Cost Comparisons

The Gamma Knife radio surgery is generally completed on the same day, which makes it a cost effective treatment option as compared to any other conventional procedures. In terms of India, the inclusive cost for Gamma knife radio surgery is often the half cost of open brain surgery in India, which is around 6800 USD and more. The cost can vary as per the diagnosis and conditions of the patients along with the facilities availed. And if you compare the same with developed nations, the cost for these treatments is often the double than what you find in India. In India, it can cost around 3000 USD, which is simply 6000 USD at nations like the US and the UK.

Why to choose India for your Gamma Knife radio Surgery?

India is among the most sought option for Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for the international medical tourists. Here, in India, they avail high quality treatment backed by affordable solutions. However, cost is not the only benefit the medical tourists enjoy in this country. The Indian Government renders the best guidance and support for the medical tourists apart from giving a better safety and security as per global healthcare norms. The hospitals in India catering these treatments are backed with state of art facilities par with developed nations' infrastructure. It has a wide array of highly skilled doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals, who have ample experience in treating patients with utmost care and professionalism. In other words, India echoes safe and beneficial options for global patients, which make them feel at home.


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Hello! I am Nancy form U.K I had a wonderful experience for my Gamma Knife radio Surgery in Spine and Neuro surgery hospital India. Surgeon and staff were excellent. Every need was fulfilled even before I ask for it. They used latest technique giving me complete information about procedure.I could not have asked for better.
Johny john

Hii..Johny john from Nigeria Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India is perfect address to get relief. Hospital is providing cutting edge technology with best surgeons, doctors and staff members. Gamma Knife radio Surgery is successfully provided within hospital by trained professionals. Thank you for advance treatment care.

Hi, this is Benjamin from UK, Venturing out far to India for affordable Gamma Knife radio Surgery was beneficial for me. I am truly thankful towards the team of surgeons and hospital staff in Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India for fabulousness conveyance of therapeutic consideration.
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Hiii, this is Mohammadi abdul aleem from Iraq Premium care for my difficult case solved with Gamma Knife radio Surgery. If you need any kind of treatment for abnormalities in brain like tumor removal, spine and neuro surgery hospital is the best in the world.
Victor Leo

Fantastic and satisfactory medical services received at Spine and Neuro surgery hospital India for my tumor removal via Gamma Knife radio Surgery at the hands of well qualified surgeons. Thank you very much and good luck for future. :)

Hey this is Emma from Kenya. I had some neurological issues, which needed a surgery. I knew it was difficult to get in Africa so I headed to India with my doctor’s recommendation. The surgery went smooth with high quality service and affordable cost. I thank my doctors for this and highly recommend the same to all.

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