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Craniectomy Surgery India Reviews: Is it Effective?
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Craniectomy surgery is a neurological procedure which involves removing a portion of the skull to relieve the pressure on the underlying brain. Usually, this procedure is performed in case where the patient has experienced severe brain injury that results in significant amounts of bleeding and excessive swelling of the brain. This procedure is similar to the procedure involving the permanent removal of a portion of the skull. Often this surgery is performed if the probability of swelling is likely after the brain surgery, or if the bone flap of the skull cannot be replaced due to other reasons.

Diffuse Swelling

The infections, strokes and trauma can cause an increase in the intracranial pressure, which in turn causes brain damage. Other causes of brain swelling include disease, injury, brain tumors, brain trauma and infections like encesphalitis, meningitis and toxoplasmosis.

Craniectomy Surgery Procedure

The patients having a severe brain injury and requiring craniectomy will already be in the hospital. The patients will be closely monitored and brought into the operation room where they be again closely observed by the anesthesia personnel to look for any vital signs. Meanwhile, the neurosurgeons will create an incision in the scalp, basically on the side of the head where the compression is caused by a blood clot. Once the skin and the underlying tissues are cut and moved out of the way, then a drill will be used to make the holes in the skull.

The holes are connected using a saw and then the bone is removed. This bone will be stored in the freezer with a hope that once the brain swelling of the patient has subsided and the condition has become more stable, then the bone is placed back in its place. After the removal of the bone, the patients will be provided with the custom fit helmets to wear for preventing further brain injury. Once the bone is removed, then any bleeding around the brain will be controlled, the skin and the connective tissues overlying the brain are closed with the sutures.

Decompressive craniectomy

Craniectomy Surgery Recovery

The hospital stay for patients undergoing this surgery is determined by the extent of the injuries and the damage to their nervous system. Patients with severe brain injury will require months or years to recover from their injury, depending upon the extent of the injury. Patients will benefit from the intensive rehabilitation to regain their brain function.

The replacement of the bone removed at the time of this surgery will be replaced several months after the original injury. The bone will be first tested for the presence of any bacteria, if there is no bacterial growth then it will be used or else, a synthetic skill replacement will be used.

Why Craniectomy Surgery is necessary?

This surgery is necessary to relieve the brain swelling, remove the tumors in the cerebellum (rear of the brain) and treat the diseases affecting the cranial nerves that provide sensation and movements to the head and neck structures.

The craniectomy surgery is necessarily performed as a life saving measure in patients who have experienced a severe brain injury that resulted in bleeding and swelling around the brain. Severe brain injury can cause brain compression and in the worst case may even lead to brain death. In this case, the neurosurgeons can remove the portion of the skull to vacate the underlying blood clot that is compressing the brain. The craniectomy procedure ensures to relieve the pressure on the brain.

Brain experiences a great deal of swelling post severe injury and removing the bone frees the brain to swell upward rather than downward where it could compress the brainstem. This could be critical for all the vital functions of the brain and may lead to brain death. After undergoing this surgery, the brain swelling will subside over a period of time and the bone removed during this procedure can be replaced over some weeks or months.

Patient Testimonial

Craniectomy Surgery Reviews: Is it Effective?

The craniectomy surgery is an effective option for treating the patients with traumatic brain injury. The patients requiring craniectomy as a life saving measure are often in a critical condition and it is likely they have already experienced some amount of brain damage. This surgery helps relieve the pressure to the brain.

Craniectomy Surgery Cost comparisons:

The cost of the craniectomy surgery in India is typically a fraction of the cost for the same procedure and care in the US and other developed countries.

Why to choose India for your Craniectomy Surgery?

India has a highly qualified and skillful medical team comprising of neurosurgeons, nurses and medical technicians who ensure to provide best quality medical treatments. Choosing to undergo the craniectomy surgery in India is beneficial as it is a cost-effective option that will treat your medical condition effectively. Spine and Neuro Surgery Hospital India has vast experience and extensively trained surgeons to provide you the best medical care and services at the most reasonable costs.

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Hi, this is Lucy from Scotland. My health journey to India for the surgery called Craniotomy treating my brain tumour highly effective. Now, I am free from this menace, getting back my life. The Indian hospital where I was treated and the doctors who did my surgery deserve applauds. I highly recommend this place for any surgery.
Manish Sharma

This is Manish Sharma from Kuwait, I went to India for a neurological surgery, which went fine. I am glad I had it on time and it was done with utter professionalism and skills. I like the services and recommend the Indian hospitals for such surgeries in the future.
Anita Wohng

Hi, my name is Anita Wohng, I am from Finland. I went to India for my neurological surgery, which was a big success. I am free because of the high quality medical services, I can recommend one and all this country for any surgery or treatment.
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