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Worldwide, medical advancements has undeniably touch new horizons today; and it is very commendable the way India has adapted to this changing field and adopted the most progressive treatment techniques. Robotic Spine surgery is one such technique that has been introduced to the field of Neurosurgery and Spine surgery.

Spine surgery can be one of the most testing and risky kinds of surgery that is required by patients today. The needs and results vary from patient to patient. Also, there are many factors that may affect the results. Treating Spine ailments surgically can be extremely intricate and needs very meticulous planning. It becomes even more challenging owing to the unique anatomy of each patient. Any kind of human error can lead to significant amount of damage further leading to serious or permanent disability.

To avoid any of such erroneous possibilities, or to take Spine surgery even more closer to accuracy to giving successful outcomes, Robotics has made a strong mark on the Spine treatment industry. In particular, the use of Robotic Spine surgery is the greatest for the application of screws, especially for fusion surgery. With this, there are higher chances of correctness and lesser chances of complications. Book low cost robotic spine surgey in India at the top robotic spine surgery hospitals in India by sending us your query here.

What are the causes behind Spine Disorders?

Spine problems are very commonly heard today. Degenerative Spine disorders shouldn’t be ignored and should be given immediate medical attention. Our Spine is composed of muscles, vertebrae, ligaments and intervertebral discs that deteriorate as time passes. The intervertebral discs are specifically important because they act as shock absorbers for our Spine. It gives flexibility to our Spine allowing our smooth movements and also helps in avoiding any kind of friction between the vertebrae.

With the ageing process, the amount of stress and pressure that our Spine goes through, it is obvious that this can take a toll on these discs. There are changes in the bone structure that are bound to happen and ultimately lead to deterioration of these discs, making them less efficient. Our Spine is a narrow column and that’s why any change in its structure lead to extremely painful Spine diseases like Spinal Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disc disease, Bulging Discs, Herniated Discs and several other Spinal issues.

Candidates for Robotic Spine Surgery

Robotic Spine Surgery provides cutting edge advantages for those patients, who are suffering from unbearable Spine conditions. This technology is particularly useful for those, who have been bearing with debilitating Spinal problems that are restricting them from performing their routine activities. Also, for problems, which are not getting corrected with the usage of conventional treatment methods like physiotherapy, medicines, and if the patient has been recommended a Spinal surgery, taking into consideration the pain and discomfort. Get cost effective robotic spine surgery in India at the Best Hospitals for Robotic Spine Surgery in India with the top robotic spine surgeons in India.

Conditions treated using Robotic Spine Surgery

This progressive technology is very beneficial not only for the patients but also for the Spinal surgeons because in Spine procedures, they are dealing with some of the most critical components of the body including the central nervous system. Also, any error will lead to the patient suffering from continual back pain even after the surgery and the patient might have to go through the surgery again. Therefore, there is no room for any kind of error. Contact us to book affordable cost Robotic Spine Surgery in India with the spine specialist in India for robotic spine surgery.

Some of the Spinal problems that are cured using this advanced technology are:

  • Scoliosis – A neuro-muscular condition that affects mostly children in the age group of 10 to 14. It appears to be a bone ailment because of the three dimensional change in the alignment of the Spine. A Spinal curve occurs at different points of the Spine of 15 degree or more than 50 degrees.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease – It is one of the most usual reasons behind neck pain or low back pain, caused due to wearing or tearing of a Spinal disc. It can lead to numbness, extreme pain in the legs or arms. This condition is natural and relate to ageing.
  • Herniated Disc – When the discs in our Spine starts degenerating owing to ageing or any kind of injury, the soft portion in the centre of the disc can herniate or rupture. This is called Disc Herniation.
  • Kyphosis – It can strike at any age and may affect men or women. It mostly affects the upper back can also affect the cervical spine area or the lumbar spine area. This complex spinal deformity had several forms like Osteoporosis-related Kyphosis, Congenital Kyphosis, Degenerative Kyphosis, Neuromuscular Kyphosis, Nutritional Kyphosis, Postural Kyphosis, Traumatic Kyphosis and a few others.
  • Spondylolisthesis – This is a condition where the bone in the patient’s back (vertebra) slides forward above the bone below it. It usually occurs in the lower spine that is the lumbosacral area. In some cases, it may lead to the spinal cord or the nerve roots getting squeezed. This causes severe back pain, numbness or weakness in one or both the legs. Also, in exceptional cases, it can also make the patient lose control over his or her bladder or bowels.

The Procedure

Earlier, Spine surgeons used to perform complicated Spine surgeries by using screws to place them in the Spinal bones, mostly by their judgement and experience and X-rays, which exposed the patients to considerable amount of radiation. Also, there is a risk of placing the screws in the wrong place, which can lead to major complications and serious end results.

Robotic Spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, which uses and puts into practice robotic guidance technology. This usage facilitates the surgeons with a progressive kind of precision further enhancing the ability of these surgeons by guiding the exact placement of the screws and positioning of the inter-body devices with an altogether different level of accuracy; which otherwise may go wrong if done by a human. Request a quick appointment with the spine specialist in Chennai for robotic spine surgery at the best hospitals for robotic spine surgery in Chennai by sending us your query.

Preoperative Step – The patient’s CT scan is uploaded to get a three-dimensional view of the Spine. This is better than an X-ray because this given a much enhanced view of the exact location, where the implant is required; thus giving the Spinal surgeon a picture on how to successfully complete the surgery.

Mounting – Post this, a mounting platform is chosen. There are four platforms that are attached to the patient’s spine. This helps in ensuring maximum accuracy.

3D Sync – In this, a three-dimensional sync matching is done for the intra-operative anatomy with the first step. The guidance software allows and gives the microscopic details of the area that requires the attention.

Surgery – after the above steps, the surgeons are ready for the procedure. With the help of the Robotic guidance, the affected vertebrae in selected. The software displays where the guidance unit needs to be attached. Then the pre-planned route is sent to the guidance unit, which allows the surgeon to proceed further. This process continues till all the implants are accurately positioned at the desired location.


For Spinal surgeons, it is very important to find methods, which can give better outcomes and are more comfortable for the patients. In the case of Spine surgery done in the traditional way, the risk factor is much higher. But if done by using robotic guidance the accuracy level is as high as 98 percent. This enhances the capability and confidence of the Spinal surgeons majorly. The surgeons get a microscopic view of the exact location of the procedure. Schedule an instant appointment with the top robotic spine surgeons in Mumbai at the Best Hospitals for Robotic spine Surgery in Mumbai.

If summarized, the advantages of Robotic Spine Surgery are:

  • The accuracy level of screw placement in way much higher
  • The most complex Spinal surgery can be done more confidently and efficiently
  • High rate of success
  • The duration of the procedure is lesser as compared to traditional Spinal procedures
  • Less chances of any complications
  • Smaller incisions and that’s why minimum scarring
  • Less chances of getting an infection
  • Quicker recovery
  • Lesser postoperative pain
  • Less amount of blood loss
  • The level of flexibility is higher
  • The patient is less exposed to radiation
  • The margin of safety is greater than traditional surgeries

Why opt for India for Robotic Spine Surgery?

India’s rapid growth as the most favoured and sought after healthcare destination has placed her in a very advantageous position. Innumerable medical tourists from all over the world are visiting India, owing to the presence of the most sophisticated medical technology and advanced techniques implemented for every kind of medical condition. With every passing year, Indian healthcare sector is getting updated. Schedule robotic spine surgery in Delhi with the best robotic spine surgery doctors in Delhi by sendig us your query. Fill up the free consultation form to book an instant appiontment for the robotic spine surgery in Chennai with the best spine surgeons in Chennai.

Robotic Spine surgery is a very promising treatment option available in Indian hospitals. This is a very intricate procedure and requires very knowledgeable surgeons with immensely experienced hands. India is blessed in this matter because the Indian doctors and surgeons are globally renowned for being an amazing blend of experience and expertise. They have dealt with the most complicated health conditions and can easily adopt innovative techniques. Furthermore, being one of the highest priced treatments it is not very easy for all patients to afford this kind of treatment. But India offers such complex treatment at very sensible prices and makes it viable for patients coming from every socio-economic condition. All of this has given a huge boost to healthcare tourism to India, attracting the inflow of several medical tourists because India is ensuring the best Spine health for these medical tourists. Contact us to get a fast track query reply from the robotic spine surgery specialist in Delhi at the Robotic Spine Surgery Clinics in Delhi. Fix appointment with the spine specialist in Mumbai for robotic spine surgery by filling up the free consultation form given on the website.

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