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Dr. Raj Kamal

Dr. Raj Kamal



Contact Number: +91-9325887033

Dr. Raj Kamal, M.Ch

20.4+ Years Of Experience
Additional Director Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar



M.Ch- Neuro Surgery

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Dr. Raj Kamal is experienced Neurosurgeon with over 14 years of experience in top medical research organizations in India, with a successful history of more than 2800 major operations, in the following fields:
• Neuro-oncology; Gliomas, meningiomas, Posterior fossa tumors, Pituitary adenomas, craniopharyngiomas, Skull base tumors.
• Neuro-Vascular Surgery.
• Spinal Surgeries; Anterior Cervical microdiscectomy and cervical plating, Lumbar interlaminar microdiscectomy, spinal tumors- intradural extramedullary, intramedullary
• Neuro-trauma; Head injuries and Spinal injuries
• Trigeminal Neuralgia- microvascular decompression
• Spinal dysraphism, Chiari malformations and Syringomyelia
• Brachial Plexus Surgery.


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