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Dr. Deshpande V Rajakumar

Dr. Deshpande V Rajakumar


Contact Number: +91-9325887033

Director, Neurosurgery Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road

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Decompression Surgery, Spine Surgery; Dr. D. V. Rajakumar; Fortis Bangalore, India

Mr. Suryanarayanappa (72 years) would regularly go for 5 km morning walks. One day during his walk he felt sudden pain in his legs and collapsed. There was no sensation in his legs for 5 minutes. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and was given medication. Slowly the pain came back. He consulted local doctors but got no relief. His son brought him to Dr. Deshpande V Rajakumar, a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospitals. After initial investigation Dr. D V Rajakumar explained his spinal problem and suggested surgery. He underwent Microlumbar Decompression and was mobilized 4 hours after surgery and shifted to the ward. His post surgery recovery was fast and he was soon relieved of the post operative pain.

Lumbar fusion, Spine Surgery; Dr. D. V. Rajakumar; Fortis Bangalore, India


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